Today's poem is by Susan Lewis


        I have more selves than I can listen to, he told me, his
eyes welling up with pity for the ones he knew to be most
neglected. It's not your fault, I reassured him, life's too short
to choose your self wisely
. At this, his damp eyes went yellow
and flecked. His pupils narrowed to slits, and I recognized
the predator glaring out at me. I had no choice but to reach
for my whip and chair. I held him off, until he collapsed on
one knee. He brought forth an offering. A ring, just large
enough to choke me. That's when I spread my wings and
flapped to safety. I wanted to see where he'd go from there,
but he slithered into a ditch, and I never saw him again, as far
as I know.

Copyright © 2008 Susan Lewis All rights reserved
from Lilies and Cannonballs Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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