Today's poem is by G. E. Patterson

                              " . . . this notion that things start . . ."
                                                          —Brenda Hillman

                          whatever that means in another language

Oh my people how quickly tears fill bowls
How easily the heart falls into habits
How many times I am myself and you
Fish and fisherman surrounded by water

An odd way of thinking that grows is green
The light would make spills over everything
Out of a sense of duty the dark darkens
It might be kindness in a perfect world

All the new ditties should be learned and sung
Think and hop and smile do it for your mother
Where are you going lonesome cowboy man
Here is a reason no one will believe
Oh my people how quickly tears fill bowls
I love my dog more when he licks my hand

Copyright © 2007 G. E. Patterson All rights reserved
from To and From
Ahsahta Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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