Today's poem is by Deborah Bogen

Special Ed Girl

Remembering was hoisting into sight,
          but the teacher said she was too distracted—
said she had a problem with distraction.

People must pay attention to many things at once.
          Harmonicas and lemons,
Rush Limbaugh and the different colored paint cans
on the shelves at Home Depot,

but her thoughts were a slow migration.
This way, they said.          Feel this.

She had come to love her own words.

          Brickle.      Astomi.      Desirening.

She was unreasonable loving what explained
nothing they told her,
but her words lodged in her chest

between the slickery heart and the milkrinous spine.

Copyright © 2008 Deborah Bogen All rights reserved
from Plain Spoke
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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