Today's poem is by Thomas Kane

How to: an Apology

Instance I: Everyone here is loved. A street fight over prize
      jewels is
followed quickly by a coronation. Instance 2: Over time,
      George Jones has lived
with a summer camp's worth of women. To make things right,
he will start all over. He will be comeuppance. He will be
He will stop being so colloquial all the time. He will never be,
      okay, sure,
when there is pruning undone or a resting child. Instance 3:
      Thomas Kane
is all talk and to a river would say: what a fine coat or even more
please, river, bend.
                              To the spinning-girl, Thomas Kane pretends
      to be sleeping.
Later, he remembers once being near her. Was it on a cross-town
Was it very dark outside?
When Thomas Kane was made,
he was made more for flight than for truce. As: He would like
      so much
to have a clear sense of the Passion but won't even lick his own
wounds. As: He hates the Bell Witch but envies her neatly
      kept cave.

Copyright © 2007 Thomas Kane All rights reserved
from Bat City Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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