Today's poem is by Kim Addonizio

The Body is the House, and

according to the spiritual teacher,
you are the open space inside the house.
Also, you are already dead.
This is good news.

Being the space inside the house
is infinitely better than being the house;
this is definitely good news,
because the walls are collapsing, and the floors,

so it is definitely infinitely better.
The foundation is dissolving to concrete dust,
the roof is collapsing, but no matter;
there's the sturdy blue flame of you

as the concrete world dissolves to dust.
Don't you feel better now—I mean
the sturdy-blue-flame-you,
the you that is not a condemned home?

Don't you feel better than when you learned
that you were already dead
and condemned to be homeless,
according to the spiritual teacher.

Copyright © 2007 Kim Addonizio All rights reserved
from Five Points
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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