Welcome to Verse Daily®!

Do we make a profit on Verse Daily?
Not really. We have day jobs. We agreed to continue Verse Daily as a way to give back to the literary community. We do continue to allow sponsorship, which helps to pay for the expenses of running Verse Daily and may at times pay for the extra caffeine and nourishment needed to keep us up late at night reading through the piles of books and magazines submitted.

Why are we here??
Because much good poetry goes unnoticed. Because we want to help good poets and publishers increase their exposure. Because good poetry and poetry publishers deserve more exposure.

How are you funded?
Our start up and related expenses were covered by the original editors and a private individual. The hope is that sponsorship will continue to help sustain Verse Daily, but our editors will continue to use their own funds to support it as needed.

Do you take phone calls or do in person interviews?
As mentioned previously, we both work day jobs, in addition to our own literary endeavors and charity work, with the time left devoted to working on Verse Daily and--dare we have them?--personal lives. So, no, we do not take phone calls or interviews. Thank you for understanding.

Who do we see as our audience?
Poets, publishers, and other literary professionals, teachers, students, schools, libraries, and the general public.

Do we feel competitive with other poetry sites?
Our goal is to increase exposure for good poets and poetry publishers—we must assume that other good poetry sites' goals are the same.

What makes Verse Daily different than those other poetry sites?
Our editorial tastes are bound to be different, so we offer uniqueness. Furthermore, while we welcome and treasure the work of well-known poets, we also intend to include the excellent work of lesser-known or 'unknown' poets whenever possible. We also offer a special "Web Weekly" feature that links to excellent web-published poetry. While we can't speak for other sites, we can promise you that we read EVERYTHING that is submitted to us, with minds open to finding work to feature on Verse Daily, regardless of fame, and regardless of money. Sponsors will get their titles read, yes, but so will non-sponsors. We are determined to make our selections based on quality, not on how much money a poet or publisher has provided us. Poets whose works are featured on Verse Daily, therefore, know with certainty that the features are compliments to the work's excellence rather than pleas for donations, and readers can trust that the features will be excellent.

Do you receive money from readers, poets, publishers, or others?
We continue to offer affordable sponsorship with advertisement space to poetry related organizations, as this is a service that may help sustain Verse Daily as well as poetry in general. On occasion, we may also offer advertising space to non-poetry organizations at non-discounted rates. (We reserve the right to be selective in such cases, and to refuse advertisement space to any organization for any reason.)


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If you have any other difficulty or would like to report any errors, please feel free to contact the editors.

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