Today's poem is by Christopher Citro

I Never Intend To, How 'Bout You?

It's eight o'clock. Time to plug the ladder in. I love our new
ladder, the way it glows bright blue when the juice is flowing.
I agree with you: our friends are no use to us anymore. I left a
message on the machine saying, "Hello. Thanks for calling the
so and so residence. Please don't do it again, though." Hopefully,
that'll do the trick. I hate being interrupted when we're watching
the ladder. The way it glows there, propped up in the corner...
It's like it was made to be here in our house shining all night long
just so we can sit and watch and tell each other all the different
things we imagine we'd reach if we climbed it.

Copyright © 2009 Christopher Citro All rights reserved
from Harpur Palate
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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