Today's poem is by Dora Malech

Oh Grow Up

First thing's first aid and off-track
abetting, next best bloodshot, blood-work,
smarmy reprimand commanding indoor voices,
some chomping at the little bit small choice
of soup or nut or thrum or hustle. Honey, clinch
or canyon? Working girls include wicked witch
of the Western omelet, she of the one night best for last
stand. Last gal standing. Fat lip and a canker, fat
chance of better bodywork or better business
as usual smuggled tub of butter pecan. Yes
yes, hit you and yes so sorry, so long.
Long way from Story County, sold for a song.
Captian Obvious: you got a lip on you.
Captian Obvious: we end each day on earth.

Copyright © 2008 Dora Malech All rights reserved
from Columbia Poetry Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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