Today's poem is by Noelle Kocot

The Cetacean Society

The cetacean society was lucky
To have Michael. He came back
From his proton test, and swaggered
In like a giant in their minds,
"I love whales!" he exclaimed,
"Any type of whales! Love `em."
He hated that sonar stuff, though,
And vowed a long time ago
To end the whales' discomfort
And destruction. It happened to
Be whale mating season, and
This was the society's biggest
Time of year. He could never
Understand exactly how the whales
Did the decd, though, and he was
Too ashamed to ask. He didn't know
Where human babies came from
Either, but he had a vague idea.
He forgot about the existence
Of liverwurst, too, which he enjoyed
With a vengeance, and would
Sometimes feed to the whales.
He imagined the whales sang
To him, and he desired nothing
But to rescue them, from what
He wasn't sure, although at the cetacean
Society, they really thought he knew.

Copyright © 2007 Noelle Kocot All rights reserved
from Conduit
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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