Today's poem is by Neil de la Flor

In Extremis

By a rock the Egg lights up out of that sound
of wind. How does the Bay's Paradise above
my baby bird shake its head? Does your small heart

beat like a cricket's? What's cuckoo-doodle-do
in a million languages? I'm told you chirp
uncontrollably for me. My little tor-

quatus, I have lost control of the weather.
In a moment it will begin to rain. One
day you will fly into thunderclouds, debate

the importance of jet streams, the aurora
borealis.You will be hounded by suck-
ing winds that are howling winds. And if you crash

into too many things, a see-saw, little
humans, what would my bird say to those tiny
beings? In case of emergency, eject?

Copyright © 2010 Neil de la Flor All rights reserved
from Almost Dorothy
Marsh Hawk Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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