Today's poem is by Farah Marklevits


There are things in this world, look at them:
the Crispin apple, the yam, the sewing machine,
the garbage truck, the cut-crystal vase, the metal strings
of the guitar, ficus leaves drooping: wondrous objects,
I worship them: idolatrous and proud: I have nothing
to hide: all my faith's in show: I am an open mouth:
made of muscle and two steel teeth: give me stone,
fire, frozen bone, ragged hoary forest-stuff: give me:
the horses, the houses, the empty plastic grocery bags,
the wrappers, scissors, the fingernails growing and shorn,
the bumpers, sand dunes, the growling suffering beasts, lions,
vipers, the insects: I am not the one who stops: I loose things
into the world: I am a trumpet, sounding it all: I am two eyes,
all-seeing: photographs, playground kickballs, ears of corn,
the cars, buses, bikes, hot-air balloons, the family pets,
the watering hole, the busted blown-out kite tatters:
my hope: one ceaseless list: but what I hope for will never
happen: things I love are always left out: because you
will never be ready for all the things of the world: I am:

Copyright © 2005 Farah Marklevits All rights reserved
from Poet Lore
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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