Today's poem is by Simone Muench

Pretty White Dress

Hey ladybird lurking,
what's a fuzzy to you

and a fizzy to him?
Calligraphy or filigree

on the shield of a Viking.
He's aloof as a sawtooth.

He can't yodel or sing.
He's a killer Godzilla,

a teapot signaling steam.
A telltale heart, a deadly dart.

It's a Harlequin romance,
a dizzy and a doozy of a dance.

He's a dense lens, a frigate
on a frozen ocean.

You're a whirl of a girl, pearl
and vertigo, marbled star.

He's a conversation in the dark
ardor or a parked car,

smelling of mint and gin
in a seaside citadel

gliding down your pretty
white dress with a pen.

Copyright © 2005 Simone Muench All rights reserved
from Lampblack & Ash
Sarabande Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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