Today's poem is by Chad Sweeney


Sky's upper limit is mind
as this trailer crowds with shapes
stolen from my sister's house.

Clouds hesitate over hills,
sirens diffuse into the red haze
where a tugboat drags the afternoon north.

I'm a canceled stamp.
You're the carpenter of an orphanage.
She's an out-of-order sign.

It's hard to believe in Canada
with so little evidence.
Juniper wick. Wisteria.

Are you with me?
I write bad checks to memory.
You negotiate the release of the unconscious.

He wakes up in a contagion
of envelopes.
She filibusters her own wedding

until wheat overcomes
the windows.
I chirr like a cricket of the field.

That's our signal.

Copyright © 2010 Chad Sweeney All rights reserved
from Parable of Hide and Seek
Alice James Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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