Today's poem is by Andrew McCarron

Love After Lovely Leaves

The problem of pathos must be
resolved the hard way. And what we
cannot speak about we must pass
over silently. So much psychical
intensity is invested in questions far
less mysterious than the act of
asking. So, when an answer cannot
be put into words, neither can a
question be put into words. The facts
of a life contribute to setting a
problem, not a solution. Around
gourds of a still life movement
emerges from every possible angle,
aesthetically and otherwise. We can
rearrange the gourds but the day
around us will do the same to us. In
other words, our ship may be ordered
just how we like it but the hurly-
burly increases the atmosphere's
disorder; entropy turns up the wind
of causal time. All the haves and
have-nots, the valentines and times
there was nobody to speak to come
to a similar end. Time shows that it
isn't how things are in the world
that's mystical, but that it exists at all.

Copyright © 2009 Andrew McCarron All rights reserved
from New Orleans Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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