Today's poem is by Annie Finch

"A face is a face..."

A face is a face, no matter how it's painted;
Bones, and the deep heart, underlie this passion.
I would be blind if too closely acquainted
With every mood or look features can fashion.
Wise eyes can see that blindness comes with rolling,
and fluttering obscures the warmest gazes;
Wise ears can hear—without silence controlling
A word of it—each word that love amazes.
Our love is free. Habits have not created
Your nature, which can set my heart a-doting,
Woman or man. Nothing in you has defeated
My love, and my love needs to defeat nothing.
Because we've sounded honest depths for pleasure,
Time will not hinder us or hurt this treasure.

Copyright © 2005 Annie Finch All rights reserved
from Fashioned Pleasures
Parallel Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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