Today's poem is by Melanie Dusseau

The Heart is a Lonely Shopper

Forever bypassing the discount bin
with its poly-blends and damaged seams,
the heart wanders instead down aisles
of luxe stores it will never afford.

Even as the salesgirl sniffs her disapproval,
still the heart lingers—touching this silk shirt,
that cashmere scarf. The heart summons
a catalog narrative where, in an a-line blue raincoat,
it charms the entire Italian countryside, traveling.

You are like the half-priced pea coat
the heart sees without seeing: classic and sturdy,
always off-the-rack and overly warm.
The heart's credit is almost spent before it finds you.

Copyright © 2010 Melanie Dusseau All rights reserved
from The Body Tries Again
Word Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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