Today's poem is by Jean Hollander

First Blood

After the fall when snake
and Adam slunk away
from tumbled grass of lust
and Eve uncoiled and stretched
and knew the dawn

when lion cubs lay curled around the lamb
although their legs stirred
to a leap in dreams,
the falcon’s eyes still hooded
and the vulture’s breath still sweet

then in that silent light
while birds were huddled into sleep,
then, like a signal, a new need
for blood, the whine of a mosquito
hovered over Eve, surprised

her smooth white arm and bit,
raised a strange welt
her sullen fingers scratched,
a touch of the first blood—
a bond of motherhood

an itch for knowledge

Copyright © 2009 Jean Hollander All rights reserved
from Organs and Blood
David Robert Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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