Today's poem is by Sarah Kathryn Moore

Just Like Thumbelina's Blues

I was so little I got lost in kimono.
I got lost on the way to Kyoto.
I was so little I slipped in your pocket.
I shivered and I couldn't stop. I was so
little I was entirely shiver. So little you
called me Kitty. Kitty became akimbo,
became dis-. I changed back to me again.

I was so, so little. I dreamed crescendo.
I fell in love with cathedral. I yearned,
oh , how I clamored! 1I glockened and spieled.
I piccoloed, cymbaled. It was simple—
I was not long enough to gong, exquisitely
little and wrong. You left. I huddled,
invincible, equipped, to weather the winter
all thimbled, so little I null, I nill, I nix.

Copyright © 2010 Sarah Kathryn Moore All rights reserved
from The Journal
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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