Today's poem is by R. D. King

Then Thensome

Second passion second-angel, this verse being dawn
passion-sweet anchor deftness, anchor canna asking

may dawn love muddy love thensome. Asking deftness
then thensome. Then thensome may fading. Love

thensome, second-angel sweet as anchor verse
canna and deftness. Thensome margin on love soft:

asking soft sweet; soft margin; soft fading—canna
thensome love thensome love anchor. Dawn asking

verse passion being sweet verse chance. Thensome this
then thensome, second-angel thensome fading. This

being chance, this love chance, this then verse love
muddy thensome, chance-thensome margin fading.

Copyright © 2007 R. D. King All rights reserved
from Northwest Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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