Today's poem is by Mary Rose O'Reilley


Last night, I ate a soup bowl of ice cream
with butterscotch sauce. My basement
is full of trash I paid too much for.

I did not love my mother
and though I loved my father
I did not please him.

I take naps. For fourteen years
I couldn't forgive my ex-husband,
only hardened my heart.

My drawers are a mess.
I own too many shoes.
I don't give much money away

There are light bulbs I ought to replace.
I don't understand foreign policy.
I've let my languages slide.

I throw out the mending.
Sometimes I pretend
to care, to listen, to be working.

I read stupid mystery stories,
criticize. Also the dog
does not obey me.

Copyright © 2010 Mary Rose O'Reilley All rights reserved
from The Literary Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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