Today's poem is by Willis Barnstone

Dawn Café

I sleep and already live tomorrow. Must be
Monday. No, it's a beautiful negligent Sunday

and I dance with God, a beautiful woman
who tells me mouth to mouth in my soul
    the banal

secrets of my confusion and why
I can't sleep, why I feel forced
    to get up

from sleep to speak to you in the black,
in the hours before the dawn café
    that saves me

undoubtedly. I kid myself. I kiss
the mouth of God. She is soft and doesn't
    blame me

for dying without hope. She assures me
her presence isn't necessary
    and I love her,

devastated by her remoteness.
I'm cold. Winter lies on my knees. Warm
    she is smiling.

Copyright © 2003 Willis Barnstone All rights reserved
from Life Watch
BOA Editions Limited
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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