Today's poem is by Rebecca Kaiser Gibson

Inside the Church

Inside the church there was a horse and she knew it
          inside the horse there was a cry all day
she kept hearing the cry of the day was the horse.
          The run of the year was the horse pounding.
The clamor of hordes was one horse heaving
          flanks lathered. The teeth bared
unhindered the horse's mane triumphant.

In wind even in no wind the horse whinnying
          over the bowed heads, galloping over the grass.
The horse, nothing but land and the length
          of the seasons flying. She found the horse prophesied
the horse she knew the horse of childhood
          and of death, and of the life between them running.

Copyright © 2006 Rebecca Kaiser Gibson All rights reserved
from Northwest Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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