Today's poem is by Alex Lemon

from Lights Strung Lights


What bangs against the body while neon I sleep
& dream & sleep arm-wrapped & pillowy O I love

Concrete sidewalks warm & the smell of all-night diners
& steel the body goes against itself trying to rust & unhusk

Slumber: it does not unshackle me until I go opening _
Doors & stepping out the faces of the dead smiling want

& shake hands with them when charged the air full with
Gnats & willowed citylight forever doubling & no one

In their own right-here body could hide because all
Of what is held behind curtained hands in sleep has become

Everywhere equal & if the body does not bang against this
Here is the body does not humming swarm & go up

Copyright © 2008 Alex Lemon All rights reserved
from Bateau
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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