Today's poem is by Corinne Lee

Failed Ambush Against Flamingoes

Stabat Mater: the mother
remained standing. Yet—a lymphatic horizon,
your lips shivering

as if in gelatin. Paper grass-
coconut eggs-a bleating
from others' beaky mouths. And the news
that your too grown daughter has wandered. Strayed
I reassure. Not forfeited. Just briefly subsumed
into her self-

mezzotint. While back here
at the corral, only marachinos
are frolicsome. To cheer we maternal fire-

eaters (pillarbound). Hocus pocus/
crocus, dear friend. So shall we
effervesce? Remember, there was no retreating,

only celebrating, on the long ago days
our wombs, like hyacinths,
became starred.

Copyright © 2005 Corinne Lee All rights reserved
from PYX
Penguin Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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