Today's poem is by Kate Greenstreet


A genius! they say.
Or then: She has almost no gifts.
Get the pipe in, and bury it.
What we began
to know, we began to know
in secret.
If you are vulnerable
to this music...

it's not about ecstasy,
merging, or being unusual,
believe me.
What we've done so far
is like assembling ingredients is
to hunger. If you are vulnerable.
(A great place to live!
In loving memory)

We thought the future

had arrived.
a stony place, then forests.
All positions being apparent,
no one agrees about
what happened next.
It was the past. (Shoe
that fits)

was a prayer they did
with chalk.

I pondered the meaning
of the letters—thx (lowercase,
period)—instead of thanks.
Decided I had said too much.
I wanted to be asked.
Shoe that fits,
shoe made of glass.
Begins to explain
how in prayer
the soul is united with God.
Describes how we may know we are not
mistaken about this.

Copyright © 2005 Kate Greenstreet All rights reserved
from Learning the Language
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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