Today's poem is by Karl Elder

Agnostic Radio

Agnostic Radio. Maybe there could
be commercials like HBO’s got on
CBS, and Christian Radio would
devour late night spots. It could lend the
emergency broadcasting system’s trill
fabulous new meaning. Somewhere, with time
gone by, angels might be ripping off their
headsets at the shrill memory of fear
inherent in a mindset that includes
Judgement Day. Instructed to stand by, to
keep their hands off the dial or—in a more
lavish era—the scan button, they knew
mothers would be separated from their
newborns, husbands from wives, that their lives would
officially be over before the
program manager administered pop
quizzes even, let alone returned to
regularly scheduled programming.
Sow seeds of doubt in sentient creatures so
traumatized, and souls will sprout where are holes.
Under like circumstances the human
vole might not be angels’ alien, but
with its own blind though visionary and
xenomorphic metaphysics of forms
yet see itself as beings before souls.
Zookeeper beware of tunnels in air.

Copyright © 2008 Karl Elder All rights reserved
from Gilgamesh at the Bellagio
The National Poetry Review Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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