Today's poem is by Ralph Angel

From the Balcony

Out there, where whales swim upon a building and muffled
        harbor sounds collide. Where trains collide. A perfect
        slab of sea upon the specks of those who stroll upon its shore.

Among the very dawn of us, a single shrug of heart unleashes
        waves of birds and voices from the plaza. Then falls back
        again. And that much more denied.

One step of yours and cafes steam with coffee. A butcher
        parks outside our door. One nod and pots of blue
        chrysanthemums explode the blowing day.

Where echoes eat our papers. Real names, the fountains, rows
        of sycamore become their feathered haze. In our most
        human clothes, along the balustrades of all the gardens,

one breath is pure desire.

Copyright © 2002 Ralph Angel All rights reserved
from Twice Removed
Sarabande Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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