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"Yours has become the first website I go to for a morning poem before coffee.
I find myself sharing more poems from Verse Daily than from any other site."

—Kathleen Lynch

Verse Daily is a poetry daily on the worldwide web. By republishing one new poem a day from fine literary magazines and books, Verse Daily promotes poets and their publishers while providing a wealth of excellent poetry to the public free of charge. Verse Daily makes its selections from review copies of all magazines and books it receives. With each poem republished on Verse Daily appears information about the poet and the publisher, including how to purchase the book or subscribe to the publication.

Verse Daily is happy to consider for features all published magazines, books, anthologies, and chapbooks of poetry. Please note, however, that by submitting your publication to Verse Daily, you thereby imply your permission to reprint from that publication. Due to time and budget constraints, we must operate under this policy. If this policy is not comfortable for you, you may choose as an alternative one of the following two options:

1.   Include in your publishing contract with your authors a line that either 1) simply allows Verse Daily to reprint and archive the work for promotional purposes.* (*If you and/or your permission-granting authors wish to be notified of a Verse Daily feature, you must include your and their email addresses with your submission.) OR

2.   With your submitted publication, send a list of names of the authors in your publication who do NOT wish to be considered for Verse Daily. One way to gather this data is to simply include in your publishing contract with your author a line that allows Verse Daily to reprint and archive the work for promotional purposes unless the contracted author signs a second line in your contract that serves explicitly as an opt-out. For example, the opt-out line clause might read something like “Author also grants permission to ABC Review to submit the Work to Verse Daily for promotional purposes, and Author grants reprint / archive permission to Verse Daily for same promotional purposes. If Author wishes NOT to be considered for Verse Daily, Author may opt out by signing here: I, _____________________________, do not wish my work in ABC Review to be considered for Verse Daily."

If you are an author submitting your own book for feature consideration, you thereby imply by that submission your permission for Verse Daily to reprint and archive your work. We will also accept contributor copy submissions from magazine contributors. Please, however, include an email address for the magazine’s editor. Please do not mail or email us your previously published poems, unless in the intact magazine. If you do not wish to part with your contributor copy, contact the editors and request they send a review copy to us.

We are pleased to continue serving the literary community,
J. P. Dancing Bear, Book reviews and Web Weekly
& C. J. Sage, Periodicals Review

For more about us, please visit our FAQ page.

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