Today's poem is "The Shape of It"

from Black Warrior Review

Wendy Xu is the author of You Are Not Dead (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2013) and two chapbooks: The Hero Poems (H NGM N) and I Was Not Even Born (Coconut Books), a collaboration with Nick Sturm. Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Best American Poetry, Gulf Coast, Columbia Poetry Review, The Volta, and elsewhere. She co-edits and publishes iO: A Journal of New American Poetry/iO Books, and lives in Western Massachusetts.

Other poems by Wendy Xu in Verse Daily:
June 12, 2013:   "Here in This New Place Is Your Memory" "Here in this new place it is reasonable to own..."
March 18, 2012:   "Where the Hero Speaks to Others" "Dear mailbox. I have abandoned the task. There is no more glory..."

Books by Wendy Xu:

Other poems on the web by Wendy Xu:
Three poems
"Several Altitudes of Not Talking"
Three poems
"Sexy Tree"
Three poems
"Great Cloud"
Three poems
"If You Feel That Living Is A Little Bit Sad"
Three poems
"Red Car in the Future"
"You Are Not Who They Wanted You To Be" (audio)
"A Poem about New York on Occasion of Leaving New York"
"In Case of Emergency Open Your Eyes"
"Mountain Poem"
Six poems
Two poems
"Several Altitudes of Not Talking"
Three poems
"In the Year the Hero Becomes a Fixture of His Landscape"
"Love Poem of Icarus in Space"
"The Total Number of Things that Matter is on the Rise"
"Spring With A Locked Jaw and Fevered Light"
Three poems from The Dream Horse

Wendy Xu's Website.

Wendy Xu on Twitter.

About Black Warrior Review:

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June 5, 2011:   "Light Away Now" by Matt Cozart
November 18, 2010:   "Talking about Autumn Rain" by Nate Pritts
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December 25, 2009:   "To Mindless Forces" by K.A. Hays
December 24, 2009:   "Untitled" by Andrew Zawacki
April 25, 2009:   "Oppenheimer Maps His Coordinates" by Cynthia Lowen
April 24, 2009:   "Self-Portrait as Zipper" by Courtney Queeney
January 16, 2009:   "The Platypus Speaks" by Sandra Beasley
December 28, 2007:   "Saint Anthony Falls" by William Waltz
December 20, 2007:   "A confluence of processes" by Bob Hicok
December 7, 2007:   "Cord of Wood" by Danielle Pafunda
December 6, 2007:   "Pearl" by Danielle Pafunda
December 5, 2007:   "I Am Talking Dirty to You Like You are the Only One in the Room" by Danielle Pafunda
December 3, 2007:   "Thanks for a Great Season, See You in the Spring" by Nancy K. Pearson
December 15, 2006:   "Fisher King" by Caki Wilkinson
December 14, 2006:   "Factbook" by Ian Harris
December 12, 2006:   "Apples" by Meagan Evans
December 13, 2003:  "After" by Donald Platt
December 3, 2003:  "Pigeons in Sleet" by Lissa Warren
July 11, 2003:  "Bestiary for the Breasts of a Starlet" by Melanie Dusseau

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