Today's poem is by Ben Pelhan

when you land on Madison Ave.
        for TCL

it starts with babies.
13 babies, all running
in different directions
and then one stubs its toe.
and there is fabric softener.
the sheets or the liquid.
if the liquid, it falls from the skies.
if the sheets, they fall from the skies.
also eve making the bed
with a swooping white sheet
and like a classic wipe transition
reveals the tree.
and then "bite our apples"
or "how bout dem apples"
or something else.
and the original apple
is in fact red
but it very well could have been
golden delicious
midas style
and the babies
are white of course
and the babies are juggling
the apples and eve
is juggling the babies
and adam swings
his dick around
like a lasso. "giddeeup!"
or "yeehaw!" and then
a close up on a pair
of jeans. also eve's nipples
spraying honey everywhere
like a fire hydrant and milk too
and babies play in the spray
on a hot day and eve walks
through a field of wheat,
a wheat field, and her hands
brush the wheat
and she smiles at the camera
all sticky wet and backlit
espousing the nutritional
merits of wheat and her hair
is wheat too.
then god's voice all
"hungry?" or maybe
"what can wheat do for you?"
definitely a question
and eve starts eating handfuls
of wheat and babies
eat little baby handfuls
too but maybe the whole thing
takes place in Times
Square under
dilating clouds
and the Cup
O Noodles
and god is all "I heart
new wheat."
by the end it's all
wheat and more
babies show up.

Copyright © 2014 Ben Pelhan All rights reserved
from Black Warrior Review
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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