Today's poem is "Landscape with Rain and Glass"

from Conduit

Terence Winchís most recent book is a collection of poems called Falling Out of Bed in a Room with No Floor (Hanging Loose, 2011). His work appears in the Oxford Book of American Poetry, Poetry 180, four Best American Poetry collections, and other anthologies, and in many journals, including the Paris Review, Conduit, Smartish Pace, and New American Writing. He has received a number of awards, including an NEA poetry fellowship and a Gertrude Stein Award for Innovative Writing. Also a traditional musician and songwriter, he released a CD anthology in 2007 of his Irish compositions called When New York Was Irish: Songs & Tunes by Terence Winch.

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August 6, 2012:   "The Platitudes" "I am perfect and you are perfect..."

Books by Terence Winch:

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Three poems
Six poems
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Terence Winch's Website.

Terence Winch According to Wikipedia.

About Conduit:

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