Today's poem is by Terence Winch

Landscape with Rain and Glass

The stakes were so much higher.
It wasn't so bad there, living in the moment,
lying on a table while someone rubs your feet,
watching a terrible movie with your only child.

My memory is a big parking lot where
the car tires are all flat. The tow truck driver
looks like James Brown. 0 Baltimore,
sing your song of broken glass to me again!

When it used to rain like this, we'd get wet.
When we got hungry, we'd stumble into the kitchen
and cook up a big fry for everyone. We would
stand under a light and smile a ferocious, toothy smile.

We would drill the dancing girls with our x-ray vision.
Then we got so fucking tired of all that rain.

Copyright © 2012 Terence Winch All rights reserved
from Conduit
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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