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from jubilat

Karen Volkman is the author of Crash's Law (Norton) and Spar (University of Iowa Press). Sonnets from a new manuscript have been published widely in journals and anthologies, including the forthcoming Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative Poetry and American Poets of the 21st Century: The New Poetics.

Other poems by Karen Volkman in Verse Daily:

April 18, 2005:  "Sonnet" ""That's what it says to the bloomingest more..."

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December 26, 2006:   "I Am So Great" by Cecily Iddings
March 26, 2006:   "Wherewithout" by Mark Bibbins
March 25, 2006:   "Please Take Back the Sparrows" by Suzanne Buffam
September 17, 2005:   "The Recollection of Some Object Formed From It" by Jen Tynes
September 13, 2005:   "Tonight's The Night" Catherine Meng
January 30, 2005:  "Dear Birds" by Mark Yakich
August 1, 2004:  "Eclogue IV" by Andrea Zanzotto, translated by Wayne Chambliss
November 10, 2003:  "Poem" by James Shea
November 8, 2003:  "Catullus #2" by Gaius Valerius Catullus, translated by Rick Snyder
November 7, 2003:  "Fetus in Orbit" by L. S. Klatt
November 5, 2003:  "[ Worry-Worn: God ]" by Marina Tsvetaeva, translated by Christina Davis
February 16, 2003:  "White Anklets" by Shauna Hannibal
February 14, 2003:  "Each Thing Charged" by Ben Doyle
July 19, 2002:  "Late Gallop" by Eugen Jebeleanu
July 3, 2002:  "Not Here" by Richard Jackson

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