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Grace Bauer is also the author of The Women at the Well, Nowhere All at Once, Retreats & Recognitions, and Beholding Eye.

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July 6, 2007:   "The Cruelest Month" " Kill it! A child screams from the sidewalk below..."
August 20, 2002:  "Ghazal" "....Some days you set out to conquer the world / but it conquers you. That's why God made cocktails...."

Books by Grace Bauer:

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Four poems
"Our Waitress's Marvelous Legs"
"Corsons Inlet"
Two poems
Two poems
Two poems
"Hand to Mouth"

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"Grace Bauer's MEAN/TIME crackles with intelligence and heart. Reading this book is fuel for anyone's imagination. It does what poetry can do-it takes your mind where it hasn't gone before."
—Dara Wier

"The poems of Grace Bauer are modest in demeanor yet wealthy in wisdom. 'And if you had no metaphor . . . I then what would you make of yourself in the world?' Bauer asks, and her answers are both meditative and playful. .. . they tally the passing of time and 'the absences I that keep adding up into more. And less.' In MEAN/TIME, truth and its necessary consolations grace our lives as we go about 'maintaining I the sacred by performing the mundane.'"
—Michael Waters

"We readers are in good hands with Grace Bauer, a poet at the height of her powers. Her language is witty, playful, agile; she's a verbal acrobat swinging from high to low blues and back to serene again. Falling becomes diving, purposeful, the poet's voice and lines thrive, 'despite all odds / all efforts to wipe them out.' ... The landscape of American poetry is brightened considerably by the verve of MEAN/TIME."
—Marilyn Kallet

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