Today's poem is "Carrier (standing woman carrying wolf)"

from Bateau

Éireann Lorsung edits the journal 1110 (111 oh.com) and co-runs MIEL, a micropress (miel-books.com). Her second book, Her book, is forthcoming from Milkweed in summer 2013; she is also the author of Music For Loading Planes By. She lives in Belgium.

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July 30, 2007:   "Excavation" " Who says the polars are stirring? Ice..."

Books by Éireann Lorsung:

Other poems on the web by Éireann Lorsung:
"England, or the continent I had in mind when I came here"
"An England"
Five poems
Three poems
Two poems

Éireann Lorsung's Website.

About Bateau:

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