Today's poem is "Phlogiston Footage"

from Pleiades

Nicky Beer is the author of Diminishing House (Carnegie Mellon, 2010).

Other poems by Nicky Beer in Verse Daily:
May 2, 2010:   "The Exquisite Foreplay of the Tortoise" "Every movement of my body..."
September 9, 2008:   "Ventouse Sous Verre" "Those empty, aubergine-edged saucers, her best..."
April 12, 2005:  "Cardinal Virtue" ""At first, I can't name the bird falling deliberately..."

Books by Nicky Beer:

Other poems on the web by Nicky Beer:
Eight poems
"Ad Hominem"
"Prairie Octopus, Awake"
"Laboratory Model"
"Rural Spring Poem"
Six poems
"Octopus Visiting Your Garden"
"Still Life with Half-Turned Woman and Questions"
"Spring Lures"
"Octopus vulgaris"

Nicky Beer's Website.

About Pleiades:

Subscription: $16
Pleaides: A Journal of New Writing * Department of English * Central Missouri State University * Warrensburg, MO 64093 Editor: Kathryn Nuernberger

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April 25, 2013:   "Brief Study of Parades" by Jill Osier
April 24, 2013:   "How I Made My Money" by Noah Blaustein
July 12, 2012:   "In a Landscape: XLI" by John Gallaher
July 11, 2012:   "The Last Word" by William Olsen
July 10, 2012:   "This Is What It Feels Like When I'm Telling the Truth" by Kent Shaw
July 9, 2012:   "The Buzzard and Reversal" by Michael Bazzett
February 15, 2012:   "Body of Moving and Light" by Peter Streckfus
February 13, 2012:   "A Prisoner of Things" by Alan Michael Parker
September 7, 2011:   "Camera Lucida" by Joshua Diamond
September 6, 2011:   "Like a Machine, Struggle for Mother" by Andrea Baker
September 1, 2011   "Arrows" by Bruce Bond
March 10, 2011:   "Phlogiston Footage as a Red Dress" by Victoria Chang
March 7, 2011:   "Aspirin and Shadow" by Chris Forhan
March 1, 2008:   "Apostasy" by Carol Quinn
June 27, 2007:   "The Sunset" by Randall Mann
June 25, 2007:   "There Is No Pretending" by Mary Jo Bang
February 13, 2005:  "Ironwork" by Stephanie Bolster
February 12, 2005:  "Afterworld" by Sophie Cabot Black
February 11, 2005:  "Cruelties" by Stephen Dunn

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