Today's poem is "Lucifer's Beginning Poetry Workshop"

from The American Poetry Journal

Philip Memmerís second book of poems, Threat of Pleasure, was recently published by Word Press. Other new poems appear in current or recent issues of Poetry, Epoch, Salt Hill and Asheville Poetry Review.

Other poems by Philip Memmer in Verse Daily:
December 23, 2004:  "You Are Worth Many Sparrows" "At least there's this..."
September 12, 2004:  "Every Summer," "this field by the highway..."

Books by Philip Memmer: Threat of Pleasure Sweetheart, Baby, Darling

Other poems on the web by Philip Memmer:
"The Threat of Pleasure"

Philip Memmer's Website.

About The American Poetry Journal:
Poets in this issue: Bruce Cohen, Rebecca Aronson, Marilyn Annucci, Kathleen Lynch, Rob Carney, Mil Norman-Risch, Belinda Subraman, Jennifer Sullivan, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Tom Holmes, Nicole Walker, Lisa Markowitz, Jason Bredle, Brent Calderwood, Philip Memmer, Elisabeth Murawski, Judy Kronenfeld, Keith Montesano, Kyle McCord, Ronda Broatch, Judith Skillman, James Doyle, Doug Sutton-Ramspeck, Daniel Bowman Jr., Caki Wilkinson, Nancy Burke, Olivia Clare, Jacqueline Marcus, Adam Vines, Alba Cruz-Hacker, Sarah J. Sloat, Michael Ogletree, Hannah Craig, Mitchell Metz, T. Zachary Cotler, Cindy Beebe, Mary Moore, Karen An-hwei Lee, Lesley Jenike, Susan Meyers, John Minczeski, Andrew Demcak, Nick Courtright, C.J. Sage, Steven D. Schroeder

About The American Poetry Journal:

Subscription: 1 year, $12
The American Poetry Journal * PO Box 2080 * Aptos, CA 95001-2080
Editor: J.P. Dancing Bear

Other poems from The American Poetry Journal in Verse Daily:
November 25, 2008:   "Black Crosses" by T. Zachary Cotler
November 24, 2008:   "July" by C.J. Sage
September 27, 2007:   "We Little Historians" by Nicolas A. Destino
September 26, 2007:   "Spring" by Jennifer Juneau
September 25, 2007:   "Pacific" by Lola Haskins
September 24, 2007:   "Raft" by Dorianne Laux
March 16, 2007:   "The San Simeon Zebras" by C. J. Sage
March 8, 2007:   "Sevenling (Emotions scramble)" by DGB Featherkile
March 6, 2007:   "Love Note to Alfred E. Neuman" by C. J. Sage
September 1, 2006:   "Clockwork" by Steven D. Schroeder
August 29, 2006:   "At The End Of A Long And Varied Career" by Tom C. Hunley
February 2, 2006:   "Paradise in the City of Shivering Bells" by S.D. Lishan
January 31, 2006:   "Cupid and the Party Dress" by Cassie Sparkman
January 29, 2006:   "When I Was Gone to Summer" by Theodore Worozbyt
January 26, 2006:   "The Dark Pelican" by C.J. Sage
January 23, 2006:   "Holy Spirit" by Nicole Cuddeback
October 6, 2005:   "How to Talk to Your Yard as If Itís Your Lover" by Mary Christine Delea
September 29, 2005:   "Love Song to My Neighborhoods" Kelli Russell Agodon
September 27, 2005:   "Vermont Barn" Lynne Knight
September 26, 2005:   "Enter, Fall" Margot Schilpp
March 1, 2005:  "Wonder Woman Dreams of the Amazon" by Jeannine Hall Gailey
February 24, 2005:  "Garden of the Material" by B. L. P. Simmons
February 23, 2005:  "Catch" by Jennifer Michael Hecht
Lucifer's Beginning Poetry Workshop 22, 2004:  "Angel Shark" by Hailey Leithauser
Lucifer's Beginning Poetry Workshop 21, 2004:  "A H O Y !" by Jason Gray
Lucifer's Beginning Poetry Workshop 19, 2004:  "It is the Soul" by Hannah Stein

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