Today's poem is "XOXO Los Angeles"

from Redivider

Ian Harris is from Twin Falls, Idaho. His recent work appears in Black Warrior Review, Notre Dame Review, Kenyon Review, Caketrain, and Verse Daily.

Other poems by Ian Harris in Verse Daily:
December 14, 2006:   "Factbook" " I'm playing with blue plums..."

Other poems on the web by Ian Harris: "Great Basin"

About Redivider:
Poets in this issue: Matthew Henriksen, Craig Beaven, Jae Newman, Ian Harris, Susan Roberts, Derek Mong, Jason Stumpf, Paul Guest, Josiah Bancroft, Jonathan Johnson, Adam Clay, Tracy K. Smith, Allison Titus, Darcie Dennigan, John Surowiecki, George Looney, Marilyn Nelson, Matthew Kaberline, Keith Montesano

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Poetry Editor: Cam Terwilliger

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January 30, 2007:   "The Cave" by Christine DeSimone
June 16, 2006:   "How Small Pains" by Molly Bendall
June 15, 2006:   "Fall" by Bob Hicok

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