Today's poem is "Aubade"

from Barrow Street

Idra Novey's poetry chapbook, The Next Country, was selected by Carolyn Forche for a 2005 Poetry Society of America New York Chapbook Fellowship. Her selected translations of Brazilian poet Paulo Henriques Britto, winner of a 2004 PEN Translation Fund Award, is forthcoming from BOA Editions. She teaches in the Undergraduate Writing Program at Columbia University.

About Barrow Street:
Poets in this issue: Meena Alexander, Kirsten Andersen, Linda Baldanzi, Sally Ball, Michael Bassett, David Blair, Beverly Burch, David Stanford Burr, Rosette Capotorto, Pamela Hobart Carter, Jennifer Chang, Adam Clay, Basil Cleveland, Martin Corliss-Smith, Shira Dentz, Ruth E. Dickey, Frankie Drayus, Jeffrey Encke, Lauren Fanelli, Thomas Fink, Rae Gouirand, Kate Greenstreet, Kelle Groom, Benjamin Scott Grossberg, Aaron Gwyn, George Guida, Nathalie Handal, Tony Hoagland, Bergen Hutaff, Susan Hutton, Chris Kingsley, Julie Larios, Richard Lehnert, Phillis Levin, Rebecca Lilly, Jeredith Merrin, Melissa Monroe, Idra Novey, Ed Ochester, S.J. Oh, Brad Richard, Matthew Rohrer, Mary Ann Samyn, Alex Silberman, Rick Snyder, Nicole Sprague, Leigh Stein, Jonathan Thirkield, Matthew Thorburn, Toon Tellegen, Judith Wilkinson, Angela Vogel, W. R. Weinstein, Jon Wodward

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Barrow Street * PO Box 1831 * New York, NY 10156
Editors: Patricia Carlin, Peter Covino, Lois Hirshkowitz, Melissa Hotchkiss

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