Today's poem is "Dawn Café"
from Life Watch

BOA Editions Limited

Willis Barnstone's work has apeared in American Poetry Review, DoubleTake, Harper's, The New York Review of Books, Paris Review, Poetry, The New Yorker, and The Times Literary Supplement. His literary translations of The New Covenant: The Four Gospels and Apocalypse (Riverhead, 2002) was an April Book of the Month selection. Mr. Barnstone's books include The Gnostic Bible (Shambala, 2003), Border of a Dream: Poems of Antonio Machado (Copper Canyon, 2003), The Apocalypse (New Directions, 2002), Algebra of Night: Selected Poems 1948-1998 (Sheep Meadow, 1999), and many others.

About Life Watch:

"Willis Barnstone has been appointed a special angel to bring 'the other' to our attention, to show how it is done. He illumines the spirit for us and he clarifies the unclarifiable ... I think he does it by beating his wings."
—Gerald Stern

"Willis Barnstone has a problem: he's too good. Everything he writes, from his invaluable The Other Bible, a compendium of holy texts no writer should be without, through his brilliant translations and beautiful poems, is a breathtaking achievement."
—Carolyn Kizer

"Willis Barnstone has no rival in the literary world. His appetite for words and ideas is gargantuan. In Life Watch he gives us his best as a poet, of one engaged with his times and the deep maze of time. This book is a crowning achievment of a long career of notable contributions to poetry and prose. His sweet voice will stay with us. I raise my cup to him. Life Watch is a must read for all lovers of poetry."
—Virgil Suarez

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