Today's poem is by Owen McLeod

Triceratops ♥ You

The bottle says one but Triceratops
needs two to make the want to not be
not be. As if you care. As if sadness

were anything new. As if Triceratops
cares or even knows about you.
Well, surprise, surprise: it do.

What else can explain the way
Triceratops weeps when it watches
wall-mounted waiting room TV,

spots a queue of angry SUVs
in the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru,
reads even one word of news.

Suck it up & deal? Toss dimes
in the kettle outside the mall? Hoist
a sign and join the march on DC?

Done, done, & done. Now what?
The surf's still way too up, nothing
from the Tower but dumbass tweets,

and Triceratops dying in the weeds.
If the good Laura Dern and Sam Neill
were here, they'd hug & kiss & care

for old 'tops, which is very sweet,
but not even Steven can save the island
from blowing up. Till then, remember:

Triceratops loves you because it knows
what extinction means. It means not a thing.
It means enjoy the ice cream.

Copyright © 2018 Owen McLeod All rights reserved
from Boulevard
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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