Today's poem is by Martha Collins

from "Leaving Behind"


door to door the angel no the Lord
passed or did not pass—
the angel opened the prison
door      doors to pass through, out
or in: our millions, more than any—
in the other story the Lord
said: to put a difference between


between one and another
a gun: at one end it's a good
gun because at the other's a cell
phone pill bottle toy gun nothing a
Trayvon      Tamir      Dontre      Michael
Laquan      Eric      Rekia      John:      call
them out and the others, Black and many


many thousand gone      no
more auction block
      slaves gone
up north where I am going
again, coppery oak leaves holding
on, overlaid with gold, then just rust
above the skeletal gray ...
chains gone, or gone before, more—

Copyright © 2018 Martha Collins All rights reserved
from Night Unto Night
Milkweed Editions
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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