Today's poem is from "Leaving Behind"
from Night Unto Night

Milkweed Editions

Martha Collins is the author of numerous collections of poems, most recently Night Unto Night and its companion, Day Unto Day. She has also published four collections of cotranslated Vietnamese poetry, including Black Stars: Poems by Ngo Tu Lap (with the author). She is currently editor-at-large for FIELD magazine and one of the editors of the Oberlin College Press.

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About Night Unto Night:

"A longtime poet of sociopolitical engagement, Martha Collins has been writing at the intersection of public and private subject matters for years. Equally, she has been mining the complexities of language and syntax for wordplay, precision, and multiplicity like no other contemporary American poet I can think of. Night Unto Night continues to explore these interests and approaches, while mortality comes quickly into focus as the book’s overarching subject. In these wrought, pared-down poems we’re given close access to a brilliant and complex mind reaching out and circling back, asserting and complicating, thinking with precision in language about what an individual’s experience can tell us about our larger selves. The work is broad and approachable, even as it arrives through Collins’s idiosyncratic, utterly original approach to the lyric."
—Wayne Miller

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