Today's poem is by Chrissy Williams

Bird Talk

I would love to tickle your cat
but your cat has not been touched
for sixty years. If you are a woman,
I want to eat your cat. We all know
you're a stupid old cat. You probably
don't know what a real cat looks like.
Mention an eleven-year-old cat
and everyone loses their minds.
Come on — let's grab your cat right now!
How boring do we think your cat is?
I'll bet your cat reeks of turbot. I'll bet
you're just pretending to have a cat.
I wouldn't touch your cat if it was on fire.
I wouldn't eat your cat if it was made of gold.
I want to destroy your cat, annihilate it.
Karma is a cat, life a gargantuan female dog.

Copyright © 2017 Chrissy Williams All rights reserved
from Bear
Bloodaxe Books
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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