Today's poem is "Bird Talk"
from Bear

Bloodaxe Books

Chrissy Williams is a poet, editor and tutor living in London. Her father is English, her mother is Italian, and she was raised in Devon. She has published six pamphlets: Flying into the Bear (HappenStance Press, 2013) was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Awards, and Epigraphs (if p then q, 2014) was featured on Radio 3’s The Verb. Her poems and critical writing have appeared in various magazines, including The Poetry Review and Poetry London. She edited an anthology called Over the Line: An Introduction to Poetry Comics (Sidekick Books, 2015) and runs regular poetry comics workshops. She is Director of the annual Free Verse: Poetry Book Fair and currently works as a comics editor. Her first book-length collection, Bear, is due from Bloodaxe in 2017.

Books by Chrissy Williams:

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"The Bear of the Artist"
"The Burning Of The Houses"

Chrissy Williams's Website.

Chrissy Williams on Twitter.

About Bear:

"Chrissy Williams is my new favourite poet. These poems are as close and intimate as a bear breathing down your neck, about to take you in its arms or tear you limb from limb; as strange and unexpected as a bear playing the piano and as beautiful and inexplicable as love."
— Luke Kennard

"In spite of its almost absurdist character and apparent playfulness, Chrissy Williams's Bear is a collection of poems that deal with all that is most serious in human life. From start to finish, these wonderfully various, entertaining and original poems speak the language of compassion, intimacy and faith."
—Annie Freud

"A pleasure in pluralism."
—Richard O'Brien

"‘Fasten your seatbelts. Something powerful is taking off here."
—Christie Williamson

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