Today's poem is "Spooling Hum"
from Mame, Sol, and Dog Bark

The National Poetry Review Press

Lynne Potts, poet and writer, lives in New York and Boston. Among her works are more than 100 poems published in American and foreign journals, two poetry collections published by National Poetry Review Press, a history of a Boston's South End neighborhood, and various travel and news articles in both print and on-line journals.

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November 17, 2007:   "Whole Worlds Had Already Happened" " Train windows doled fields..."

Books by Lynne Potts:

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Lynne Potts's Website.

About Mame, Sol, and Dog Bark:

"Like the 'quirky Calder' of her own phrasing, Lynne Potts creates a San Francisco of the senses and evokes a life, a relationship, lived inside its changing atmospheres. Her syncopated lines wobble comically, wistfully—accurately—and build a whole that feels deeply known."
—Sven Birkerts

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