Today's poem is "Beast Body"
from Book of Exodus

Scablands Books

Kathryn Smith's poems have been published in such publications as Poetry Northwest, Bellingham Review, Redivider, Mid-American Review, Southern Indiana Review, and The Collagist. She is a graduate of the MFA program at . Eastern Washington University and the recipient of a grant from the Spokane Arts Fund.

Books by Kathryn Smith:

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Kathryn Smith's Website.

About Book of Exodus:

"'Dreaming is its own wilderness,' writes Kathryn Smith in Book of Exodus, and with what wondrous linguistic and imagistic agility she beckons me into that wilderness. It is one she makes both intimate and real. These poems allow entry, or re-entry, to primal selves, we who once roamed a forest, ate of its bounty, and fought its beasts. And yes, in the best sense, the book also seems—as a marvelous abecedarian poem's title proclaims—a 'Rehearsal for the Apocalypse.'"
—Nance Van Winckel

"The speaker of these poems creates journeys where to be lost is to be accompanied by the word, by the interior fires and holiness of wilderness, by creature and dream. The poems' language, both spare and sumptuous, aims for singleness of being and transformation. Kathryn Smith's first collection melds the field's briar and the ash of insubstantiality in her unsparing witnessing of experience and faith, this poet's discipline and journey."
—Laurie Lamon

"In these crisp, fiercely honest poems, Kathryn Smith asserts again and again that the spiritual path is one of unrelenting existential struggle, regardless of the strength or foundation of one's belief, that the task is to forge one's own purely individual relationship with the ineffable. Behind each structure and lyrical moment, each little fractured song-like dance at the edges of scripture, lies a metapoetic interrogation of language itself. The book is a truly distinctive first flight."
—Christopher Howell

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