Today's poem is "American Dusk"
from Whiteout

University of Alaska Press

Jessica Goodfellow was a writer-inresidence at Denali National Park and Preserve where she researched this project based on the tragic 1967 Wilcox Expedition to Denali. of which her uncle was a member. Her earlier books are Mendeleev's Mandala and The Insomniac's Weather Report. Goodfellow's poetry has been featured by Motionpoems. Best New Poets. and The Writer's Almanac. She works at a university in Japan. and imagery from that culture can be found in her writing.

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Books by Jessica Goodfellow:

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"Perpetuation of the Species" https://www.theawl.com/2017/10/a-poem-by-jessica-goodfellow/
"Unholy Triptych"
Two poems
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"Darwin's Conjecture"
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": glass : trap :"
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"How to Find a Missing Father in a Town that Isn?t There"
": rules : wind :"
"November Nocturne"
"The Beach at Big Salt"
": Map : Glass : "
": Form : Shadow :"
"Poem for My Friends"
"In Praise of Imperfect Love"
"Advanced Alchemy"

Jessica Goodfellow's Web site.

Jessica Goodfellow on Twitter.

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