Today's poem is by Jessica Goodfellow

Regretfully Yours

Who knows a burden better than a willow?
I do, who beckoned you to share vvith me my pillow.

Who knows a candle better than its tallow?
I do: you subsume me and yet know I will follow.

Who knows a closed fist better than a lasso?
I do, I—whose torque is centered in your torso.

Who knows a curtain better than a window?
I do, whose fate is as certain as a widow's.

Who knows murmuration better than a starling?
You do, who murmur to all the women, Darling.

Who knows a murder better than a warrior?
You, who find my ardor to be nothing more than error.

Who knows the netherworld better than a mourner?
Who knows a mirror better than a mirror?

Copyright © 2015 Jessica Goodfellow All rights reserved
from Mendeleev’s Mandala
Mayapple Press
Reprinted by Verse Daily® with permission

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