Today's poem is "Me and Dickens"
from In Case of Sudden Free Fall

Jacar Press

Deborah Bogenis a poet and novelist. In Case of Sudden Free Fall is her fourth collection. Her three previous collections of poetry are Living by the Children's Cemetery, Landscape with Silos (National Poetry Series Fina list and winner of the X.J. Kennedy Poetry Prize) and Let Me Open You a Swan (Antivenom Prize, Elixir Press). She was the winner of the 2016 New Letters Prize for Poetry for "My Stint as a Librarian & Other I Poems." She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Books by Deborah Bogen:

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About In Case of Sudden Free Fall:

"Grown-up poems for grown-ups."
—Stuart Friebert

"I loved reading In Case of Sudden Free Fall, Deborah Bogen’s beautiful and remarkable oneiric prose poem collection. A delicious gem, it takes the reader on a soulful and transformative journey. Under Bogen’s expert guidance, we travel from enchantment to melancholy, to surprising encounters with literary and artistic figures, to loss and death, and back to wonder. I’ll keep revisiting this collection time and again."
—Hélène Cardona

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